FCA defends oficialmante of the allegations of the EPA

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it Seems that NOW the authorities of half the world have taken very seriously the emissions that is emitted by cars, and in particular the diesel engines. The Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group caught everyone by surprise and has stirred the consciousness and the foundations of half the world. However, it seems that in this story things get complicated, because “supposedly” are appearing more brands that are “or may” be cheating.

Since the scandal of the Volkswagen Group was made public, from the German authorities have poured accusations against the group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) to do the same to them, but it has not been until a week ago when the us EPA has not dared to accuse her in a formal way. However, the firm reported that at no time have violated the law and who will actively collaborate with the EPA to reach an understanding and solve the problem in the best way possible.

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According to the EPA, the accusation that hovers over the group have employed a software control of emissions with eight ways to work different. Ways that could help the engine to skip some steps in the approval process and therefore permit them declare a lower number of emissions to the atmosphere. According to Automotive News, Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) could face a fine valued at approximately 4,62 billion dollars.

however, the same Sergio Marchionne has clarified, in a statement to CNBC, to at no time has there been intention to deceive anybody or fraud has been committed. In addition, he has also said that its engineers could install a reprogramming to fix the problem of your system of anti-pollution. To complete also commented that it is an injustice what is being done with FCA on the part of the media, since it is comparing your company with the Volkswagen Group.

Now, I would like to reflection without which no one can tell me that I am a fan of one brand or another. The Group Volkswagen had years to deceive consumers half the world and it is known that it has been intentional to avoid million dollar investments to modify their engines. In addition, they devoted themselves to sell your diesel engines as clean and respectful with the environment.

In the case of FCA the group (as far as we know) has never sold their diesel engines as clean. In addition to have always worked within the law (perhaps more of the account, but they have done so). What does not seem to me to be correct is that by subtle variations in this policy are throw to the jugular which wolves thirsty for blood. There is that to see every thing with his calm and objectivity.

Now that I deluged the criticism.

Source – Automotive News

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