FCA does not ally with anyone for the moment


Blow winds of consolidation in the industry, in which the large manufacturers would want to make very very large to take up positions for the future. In a few years, the automotive industry is going to be turned upside down by the social changes and technical. It is time to be proactive and create good foundations.

The economic crisis that began in the united States in the wake of the subprime mortgages has had as one of its consequences the near-demise of the big three american manufacturers: Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. In the last months of the presidency of George W. Bush the executives were in 2008, to Washington D. C. to ask for money… in private planes. It gave them the dough, but at the cost of great sacrifices and changes in mindset.

General Motors and Chrysler, citing the Chapter 11 (bankruptcy), and Ford endured as he could. The output of such a painful process, Fiat did with Chrysler, which was pending affection from Daimler put land of by means. Now Fiat Chrysler is one of the big three Detroit, together with the restructured Ford, and the renewed General Motors.


Sergio Marchionne

what Is FCA big enough?

Not for Sergio Marchionne. The Italian side are the brands Fiat, Maserati and Alfa Romeo, Lancia we can consider it as a terminal stage to hospice care. From the american side, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep. Ferrari is independent now, although Marchionne is also the CEO. The ambition of the Italian is going to more.

Has been trying to negotiate mergers or large alliances with General Motors and Volkswagen, currently third and first manufacturer in the world, respectively. After not being able to do this with GM, I tried it with a Volkswagen once that the German group was willing to talk if it was not through indirect and direct for the press.

there has also not come out of nothing, Sergio Marchionne has come to standstill and no longer accelerates as much as you press the pedal. Volkswagen strip p alante with or without a crisis of image. In other words, Volkswagen earn a lot of money although you may have to pay billions of euros for the Dieselgate, and has sold more vehicles than ever before. What a bad year 2016? As you look at it.


The priorities of the FCA are several, among them the convert back to Alfa Romeo, a competitor of credible of the three Premium German with an offensive product very strong, at least in appearance. The Giulia and the Stelvio are two cars that may work very well in the north american market (especially the SUVS). That market is very important for FCA.

is Not only that it is larger than the european, is that you can take advantage of his position to gain market share where there is so much marquitis and the prestige of BMW, Audi and Mercedes is not as loose. Just remember that it was Lexus, who has dominated for 11 consecutive years, the market of high range. Other brands like Infiniti or Acura have achieved good penetration also in Europe there.

Another sing is Jeep. The brand of SUV and crossovers is splicing record after another. The models of the time DaimlerChrysler are already a memory, and the range is properly renewed. The next milestone is the new Wrangler, which despite its concept of off-road tough they have managed to market it as a “SUV” (or so they believe their new owners). The endless special editions keep it alive to the 4×4.


The next decade will be a turning point

manufacturers that have a domain in the fields of alternative mobility, driving, autonomous, and digital services will be in a situation of competitive advantage. FCA goes a bit behind in that sense, Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen are doing more homework. You should pay less attention to models like the Challenger SRT Demon or Grand Cherokee Trackhawk… or not?

Marchionne is not eternal, before 2020 there will be left the company and FCA will be replaced with an executive from within, not join another. The new manager will have to go with eye with the PSA, Carlos Tavares, with Opel already built, and the Alliance Renault Nissan Carlos Ghosn, who also has Mitsubishi. FCA is not consolidated a lot over time, but the others are not idle.

┬┐And what there is of a merger with Tesla? Because you would like to Marchionne. Now the californian is worth more in the bag than General Motors, there is no way to get in there. There are some analysts, including the head of Autonation, who speak openly of a Ponzi scheme (pyramid) with regard to Tesla. Unless the darling of Elon Musk were plummeting on the stock market, Sergio Marchionne will have fewer executives with the dancing, just stuck at this party.