FCA establishes the appellation Angel: what new model or just to protect the Demon?


The brutal Dodge Demon.

This is without a doubt one of the records of the patent more strange and curious than we’ve seen in a long time. The group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the same manufacturer of the Demon (demon in English) has registered the appellation Angel, without the tilde, because this is how it has been recorded in the English language.

¿What is the reason of this curious record?, only the responsible of the Group FCA know for the moment. The reasons for a company to register a name specific are not confined exclusively to the launch of a product. On many occasions, he registered several names before you decide on the denomination definitive of a model.

At other times, these names is logged even without any intention to use them, just to avoid that competition can be with them and protect their products, and this seems to be precisely the case, to avoid that could happen, another case of “The Exorcist”.


Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

The name Angel is precisely the antonym of the name Demon, the last and most prominent product of the group FCA. Presented in the past Hall of New York 2017, the presentation was the star of the event and FCA used every effort to overtake and accompany his revelation, in one of the campaigns of teasers more long and strong that we have seen in recent times.

Although its presentation was scheduled for the month of April, Dodge began the campaign of presentation in the month of January, to the middle of the first month of the year we saw the release of the first teaser of this racing version of the SRT Hellcat, and from that moment, week to week, we were discovering new details of the model thanks to the multiple videos and photographs that the mark was published, dozens, during those 3 months.

however, after the immense anticipation built and with the attention of all the fans and media, eager to discover the new model, a small trainer from texas, Hennessey, threw to the ground the entire campaign Dodge the stroke of a pen, to baptize their new model -a simple kit of empowerment for the Camaro ZL1- with the aptly named “The Exorcist” (The Exorcist, the main rival of the demon). And by the way, to take advantage of all the hype built by Dodge in the weeks before without just having spent a dollar, except in a few photos and a video almost home. In fact, until the track of drag that appears in the pictures and video are located in the premises of Hennessey.


Hennessey’s “The Exorcist”, one of the cases marketing the most eye-catching of the last few years.

it Is for this reason that probably Dodge has decided to register the name with the Angel and so to avoid that other manufacturers could use it to baptize your own anti-Demon, which would have been quite detrimental to image effects. In the event that FCA is trying to save that name for a model, we can think of nothing better than a peaceful, hybrid, or more efficient electric model to receive a name like that.