FCA executives say Marchionne pressuring for a new Lancia Delta Integrale


The British publication Coach says there are executives Fiat Chrysler Automobiles trying to save a Lancia with a new edition of Lancia Delta Integrale . However Sergio Marchionne he seems determined to fight only Alfa Romeo .


Lancia-Delta-Integrale-HF-Evoluzione-II-01 L he idea sounds far less strange, just at a time when Lancia has signed his death certificate but is indicating the British publication Autocar, quoting top executives of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

A new Delta Lancia Integrale to save?.

The British say that there are a number of executives who are trying to persuade Sergio Marchionne reissued one of the most iconic vehicles Lancia, the Delta Integrale , as a last attempt to revive the brand. Executives argue that would be a mistake to let die Lancia when the myth Delta Integrale remains as alive as ever.

But we all know that plans Marchionne are focused on try to revive Alfa Romeo , which we started and know when it came to market 4C and a few days ago with the presentation of the new Giulia . The last Delta Integrale was launched in 1994, when the market reached its second evolution, which was called Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione II.

do not know all that is true, but it is more likely that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles wait for reactivating Alfa Romeo before embarking on an adventure like trying to save Lancia, which so far only exists with the Ypsilon.





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