FCA has not tampered with the emissions of their engines

FCA LogoThe Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group is going crazy for the car industry already is doing that all the brands and groups to be identified to falsify the emissions of their engines. A couple of months ago I we reported that the KBA German had pointed out to the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) for having manipulated the emissions of their diesel engines. As I said to you at that time, this accusation was not new, but it puts the Group FCA against the ropes.

however, so that there is no doubt that FCA does NOT have a device to manipulate the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions of their cars, Harald Wester, technical director of the group has appeared before the commission of investigation into the case of Volkswagen. Before the commission, Wester, has denied that the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars use devices to manipulate the emissions of their engines.

Fiat 500XThe technical director of FCA has justified the possible differences between the emissions approved and the actual of their diesel engines based on the technical elements that allows them to use the current regulations, anti-pollution. It specifies, and as we have said here several times, that the systems anti-pollution engine can be turned off or work partially if it puts at risk the reliability of the engine.

the engines of FCA to use this security mechanism IS NOT ILLEGAL, which is contained in the regulations. What is illegal is what made the Volkswagen Group, as it served as a software trap to misrepresent these emissions. Therefore, we would like to ask from here that before you accuse anyone of something actually know what it can or can not do, and Fiat has adjusted to the legality to the maximum.

in Addition to Harald Wester noted that looking to the future to carry out the approvals of consumption and emissions should be taken into account data of actual use of the vehicle. This, in theory, be solved with the forthcoming Euro 6c. We’ll see what is all this.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

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