FCA in the spotlight in Germany for the emissions of its diesel

Prueba Fiat 500X 2.0 MultiJet 140 CV 4x4 AutomáticoFrom the Dieselgate it seems that research are being more strict and there are new scandals of other brands such as Mitsubishi in Japan. The last one, which is situated in the point of look at is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) after a period of testing in Germany. According to the newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the authorities of the Ministry of Transport German (KBA) found something weird in the vehicles.

Allegedly your system treatment of exhaust gases were knocked out 22 minutes after start-up. These emissions testing have a time of about 20 minutes and from there comes the indictment of the German authorities. According to them, the system would be programmed to operate during the test and pass with good results. One of the vehicles mentioned could be the Fiat 500X.

Prueba Fiat 500X 2.0 MultiJet 140 CV 4x4 AutomáticoAlthough it is an extreme measure, in the worst case has come to comment that could prohibited the sale of vehicles, FCA in Germany. This would be a concern, since this is the second-most important market for the Italian brand. So much so that during the day of yesterday, its shares fell by up to 5% due to this speculation. In any case, the investigations continue to clarify the matter.

time FCA has not ruled about this news and it seems that the next step will be in the hand of the organisms regulators of Italy and the European Commission. The Italian brand has not been the only one to receive this kind of accusations, since it makes little Opel had to disprove your Zafira exceeding the emissions limits. Something similar happened to BMW with false accusations about his X3 xDrive20d.

Source – Reuters