FCA purchased in 2014 rights to issue 8.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the manufacturer that worst half of GHG emissions (mainly CO2) has in the united States, since most of the cars I sell are great and good consumers. On the european continent it is almost to the contrary, it is the less GHG it emits.

As there are manufacturers that are exceeded in emission rights, to be below the legal requirements, have been put up for sale their emission rights. , AND FCA is the largest purchaser of those rights, although it was not necessary to purchase in order to comply with the law.

FCA bought it in 2014 a total of rights of emission of 8.2 million tonnes of GHG emissions. In a first phase, bought 1.7 million tonnes to Tesla, Nissan, and Honda. The other 5.5 million came from Toyota, Honda and Tesla.

In fact, Tesla is allowed the luxury of being able to sell 100% of their emissions rights, because none of their cars have the exhaust pipe. According to FCA, the rights have been purchased to make improvements in air conditioning systems, and other technological advances.

After FCA, the manufacturer that more emission rights have been acquired is Daimler (Mercedes-Benz and smart), to 1.38 million tonnes. At a considerable distance is the third Ferrari, whose average emissions are very high for obvious reasons.