FCA resumes next Monday their production in Canada

Nuevo Chrysler Pacifica 2017One of the most important elements for a brand of cars are their factories. In them is where the miracle and birth of the cars once they receive the green light and leave the paper. Sometimes, however, can create very important problems for brands if they suffer some other mishap. The worst you can suffer is a break in the logistics chain or problems with the providers halt for lack of parts.

This last situation is the one that has lived plant that has the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) in the city of Windsor (Canada). Of this factory go out to-day approximately 1,500 units of the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica. Her work currently around 6,000 workers spread over three shifts and from the last day November 3, they had to stop their work by the shortage of parts.

Nuevo Chrysler Pacifica 2017According to Lou Ann Gosselin, the spokesman of the Group FCA in Canada, after this break of a week the plant will resume their normal activity the next day, November 14, . Meanwhile, Unifor, the main union which represents the workers of the plant they contact (via phone, letter and social media) that the next Monday will have to return to their jobs.

today still have not given an explanation of the real origin of the lack of parts that have suffered in the factory. However there are two theories about what has happened. On one side there is the theory that explains that the factory has been closed for seven days so that workers could enjoy the Day of Remembrance in Canada. On the other hand, there is the theory that the suspension of the production of the minivans of FCA was associated with a large fire that destroyed a warehouse Marelli and some of them in Tennessee on the 1st of November.

whatever the reason, if it is already solved we hope to regain the rhythm lost and do not suffer major setbacks.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)