FCA triple benefits and starts talking about electric cars

Since a couple of years ago the submission of the last strategic plan of Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) much has happened. At that time, Sergio Marchionne pledged to revive, once again, the group italo-american, however for this you would have to fight multiple fronts. The first, and more complex, the high level of debt that dragged the group, and the second a range of models both old-fashioned and profitability in a discrete manner.

all in all, the first semester of the year 2017 has already been completed, and following the example of the rest of signatures, ACF has presented its financial results. According to the accounts presented by the magnanimous Sergio Marchionne, the group has tripled its profits and would have reduced your debt significantly. This is, your total turnover has been located in the 55.644 million which represents a growth of 2 percent compared with the same period of the previous year.

Maserati Alfieri Concept

If we compare the net profit of the Group FCA we have that has experienced a growth of 125 per cent as compared with the same period last year which represents 1.796 million euros. In addition, the group’s debt has moved from 24.048 million euros of the end of 2016 to 19.140 million at the end of the semester. These numbers are surprising to FCA but they are still more taking into account that the total sales of the group in these six months have been 2.37 million car, i.e. 6 thousand more than in the same period of the previous year.

If we take into account this fact we must praise the good economic management the group especially in regard to profitability for each unit sold. In this section the signature that better behavior has had within the FCA has been Maserati, but it has managed to double sales and at the same time increasing its profit. Ferrari would go in second place and after she would be Jeep. The rest of the group’s brands are lagging behind, although there are differences depending on the country in which they sell their models.

To finish, we should mention the statements that have been made to Sergio Marchionne. According to the CEO of FCA electric cars now are a reality and therefore would be preparing your offensive. To execute this strategic action Marchionne would have marked the year 2019 as the suitable to get their first electric car. The firm would carry it out would be a Maserati (maybe a Alfieri evolved) and after she would go the rest of the firms of the group.

Both news are very important for the sector, as the Group FCA is one of the most important and its recovery depends on the stability of the market.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

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