FCA will meet objectives in spite of the problem with emissions in the U.S.

After the Volkswagen Group became involved brown united States with the emissions of its diesel engines, it seems that it is the turn of Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA). However, there is a huge difference between one case and another, and that is that the German conglomerate has affected thousands of cars and Italian are several thousands of units.

As has been detached from the allegations that it has filed FCA with the organisations which are carrying out their case, are 104 thousand thrusters suspects emit more emissions certified. Once you have made the information public, has been the CEO of FCA who has come to the fore to make some statements so that the information is not out of context.

The first thing that he has wanted to leave clear is that the engineers of FCA have worked hard to present several proposals to implement technical improvements with which to solve the problem of NOx emissions from the vehicles concerned. Then has dropped to solve this problem it will not take much time, so unlike the Volkswagen Group, FCA has models located and the technical complexity required is minimal.

Taking into account these aspects, according to Sergio Marchionne, the economic results of their group would not be affected for this problem in the united States. In addition, he pointed out that the second quarter of this year is expected to close with a few results in the line of what has been planned to open the year.

all in all, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) is convinced that the annual accounts of the group won’t be resentful. In addition, he has also commented that they are not going to change the long-term plans of the manufacturer, as it did not see the need to make changes. Will have to see if finally the problem of the emissions of their diesel engines in the united States is not a setback for the manufacturer, and Sergio Marchionne we can go through the big door to his more than deserved retirement.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

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