[Feature] the ruin of The urban circuit of Valencia

In the year 2008, the Formula 1 began to roar in Spain double. The streets of the city of Valencia, began hosting the European Grand Prix on a track designed by Hermann Tilke. In the Valencia Street Circuit were held five editions of the already mentioned, Grand Prix, racing sinned little emotion by the design of the circuit. The latest edition arrived in 2012, and with it, the epic comeback and victory of Fernando Alonso in one of the best races of recent times. But, why is stopped running there?

The history that hides this circuit speaks so much of what is in reality the Formula 1: business and politics. The path left behind a black hole in the coffers of the Valencian Community. After the last Grand Prix, the circuit was left at the mercy of nature and, five years later, the state of the facilities continues to get worse. Victor Abad, our new contributor, has approached to the circuit to tell the whole story, with hairs and signals, this Valencia Street Circuit.

Negotiations, dealings, capers, lies, money… everything you need to know about this circuit is what you will find in this video. This is the ruin of the urban circuit of Valencia.