Features BMW 2-Series Cabrio

BMW 2 Series Convertible is a four-seater derived from Series 2 Coupé and BMW 1 Series replaces Convertible. His style is not so new, and in fact at first glance the only change found with regard to BMW 2-Series Coupe, it unroofed and some surprises hiding under his body.

CaracterĂ­sticas BMW Serie 2 Cabrio

How is BMW 2-Series Cabrio

measures long and 4432 wheelbase is 30 mm higher. The result is a much more spacious and with easier access to the rear passenger compartment. The luggage compartment is 335 liters with the roof up and 280 liters with the roof, rear seats folded down.

Have a canvas roof automatically operated. His process of folding and unfolding lasts 20 seconds and can be done up to a speed of 50 km / h. The roof can choose from a variety of colors (black, anthracite and brown), and whoever had the BMW 1 Series Convertible takes an extra layer of insulation to reduce noise in the interior.

The front seats can be heated and which is common in convertibles, the climate has a specific program that runs when the vehicle is running with the roof folded.

As for protection elements BMW 2-Series Cabrio is remarkable windshield reinforced and some aluminum rails emerging driven by springs in a compartment behind the headrests in the rear.

The Series 2 Convertible incorporate BMW EfficientDynamics technology, including a gorgeous aerodynamics, start-stop system in all versions, ECO PRO mode and even driving mode sailing, if you choose the automatic gearbox.

According to the brand itself, the first units will reach the Spanish market February 2015 and such prize can expect around 6,000 euros more than in the closed version.

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