Feel like The Jetsons 1955 due to mad Beatnik Bubbletop

You can not see today any this impressive Beatnik 1955 Bubbletop craziest car. This is a car that began life as a 1955 Ford, but I doubt that retains one component thereof. This car has been created by Gary “Chopit” Fioto in New York, and has won many competitions custom cars on the occasion. It’s car that could have left The Jetsons , or The Jetsons as the American series was known in Spain. Of course, it is as inconspicuous.

In 2006 he won first prize at the Darryl Starbird’s National Rod and Custom Car Show.

Coach part of the chassis of a Lincoln Town Car 1988 , but the other items are brand new. Well, the engine is a crate-engine eight-cylinder – a Chevrolet V8 5.7-liter small-black – and the front bumper comes from a Cadillac 1959. The rear bumper comes from a 1958 Cadillac and taillights a Chrysler in 1960. The rest of the car is of unknown origin.

The car has no roof, it has been replaced by an giant Plexiglas bubble . Four seats inside masterfully combines elements of classic car with controls that seem drawn from a science fiction movie of the 60s of last century. The speedometer you can impale accident, and the only detail that can not see is the conventional Alpine Radio installed in the center console.

An old radio would have been a more appropriate description for a work of this caliber. The body is completely faired and the car seems to mount an air suspension that leaves him almost on the floor. It will be auctioned this weekend in California for a yet undisclosed price, but estimates show revenues of between $ 150,000 and $ 200,000 . Would you pay such money for this particular car?

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