Felipe Massa considered vital to the season 2016


Felipe Massa is comfortable in Williams. The brazilian has found the toebox of your shoe in the training british after his extensive stage at Ferrari. After two seasons in which it has added a total of five podiums, the brazilian is aware that the season 2016 will be key for his future in F1. At the end of next year the contract of Massa with Williams expires and your work and results will depend on a possible renewal. In any case, Felipe Massa has made clear. will Leave F1 at the end of 2016 if you don’t get to have a seat competitive face to the next season.

In statements to a half-brazilian, Felipe Massa wrote: “next season will be The last on my contract, it will be very important to me if I want to continue in F1. If I have the opportunity to race in a competitive team I will stay. otherwise, I’ll go to. The first option is Williams, the team that you feel very comfortable and appreciated: I will Continue in F1 if I have a team such as Williams, where I am very happy and where they are happy with me. When you like to work on a site and you feel loved, that gives you motivation to continue”.

After 15 years in F1, and with 34 years, Felipe Massa has no problem in withdraw, although it is clear that you would like to be able to take part of the new Formula 1 that is to be drawn with the new regulations in 2017 or win a title. Even so, Massa understands the current moment of his career: “It’s disappointing to have to retire without winning the title, but I’m not afraid to stop. I understand that everyone has to stop at some point”. Yes, after the F1 there will be no Nascar: “Compete too. My family would kill me if I compete every weekend”.