Felipe Massa: “I would Not have gotten by any other equipment”


The continuity of Felipe Massa lays the groundwork for Williams to have an experienced pilot as the leader of your project in a year marked by the change of regulation. The brazilian driver, who had initially announced their withdrawal from Formula 1, has postponed their plans to take the gallons of the team one more year before the march of Valtteri Bottas to Mercedes, also announced today and favored by the unexpected withdrawal of Nico Rosberg the past month of December.

The brazilian has been subjected to a ‘questions and answers’ official on the part of the team to clarify some of the issues relating to his return. The issue more hot deals on the process to follow. Given that it’s an official communication, the information that has given Massa is limited, but the brazilian gives to understand that the response of the fans at the prospect of his return and the bid of Williams were enough to convince him, although without going into the details of economic, and was planning to compete in other categories before the situation changes due to Rosberg.

The withdrawal unexpected Nico has triggered a unique twist of events. We have offered Valtteri a fantastic opportunity and, therefore, an opportunity has arisen for me. When the media began reporting that it could come back, I was deeply touched by the response of many fans who wanted to see me back, was a factor in the decision, no doubt. But at the end of the day, when I got the call, it was an offer I could not refuse. My intention has always been to compete in some site, because I still have a passion for running, competing and fighting on the track. Since I announced my retirement last year, I’ve been evaluating my options, and I presented some opportunities that could be pursued. Whatever it was, would have put 100% in what I would have done this year to do the best job possible, and if it didn’t have the passion, would not have agreed to return.

“anyway, I’ve made my decision, and now this is my goal. My return we’re not watching Formula 1 as the best option, if you do not see the role at Williams as the best option. I would not have gotten by any other equipment. I will not discuss numbers or any detail of the negotiations; all I’ll say is that it was the right decision, and that I am happy to continue being part of the team. For now, it is only an agreement until 2017, and I have not thought beyond”.

Massa has referred to Williams as “a family, of which I was very glad to be a part”, and that “it seemed like the right thing” to help the team this year “to give stability and experience, and help to make things go forward,”. Considered that will be “an exciting year with all the changes of regulation”, and has claimed that he is looking forward to working with Lance Stroll, the third pilot of the team to jump into the role of starter this year

“I know Him since long ago. In the championships in which he has competed up to now, has shown that deserves this opportunity, and it’s great to see new talent in the Formula 1. you May be young, but Williams has a history of bringing young riders to the sport. Know that you have a learning curve difficult ahead, but the motorsport is a team sport, I will help in any way he can”.

The brazilian had a farewell very emotional from the world of Formula 1 in the paddock at the Brazilian Grand Prix, having abandoned after an accident in the rain, in what was to be his penultimate race and his last appearance at home. Massa, who will turn 36 years old in April, ensures that “the scenes that I saw in Brazil and Abu Dhabi last year are that I will never forget. I am very grateful for everything that happened and all the messages kind. Whatever happens this year, I will always let the sport with your head held high”.