Felipe Massa: “it Was great to test the car of Formula E”


Felipe Massa has tested this week the Jaguar R-Type I, the single-seater Formula E of the british firm. The brazilian, who he floated the option of competing in the category of single-seaters erĂ©tricos of the FIA before confirming his return to Williams F1, has had the opportunity to complete its first few miles with a Formula E in a test according to ‘Autosport’ it has been held in a circuit Spanish. After this test, they have not transcended images or data of times which has made Felipe Massa, the pilot of Formula 1 stated that it is an experience “completely different” to what you’re used to.

In statements collected by ‘Autosport’, Felipe Massa explained after his test: “I would like to thank Panasonic Jaguar Racing for giving me the opportunity to test their single-seater. it Was great to test the car of Formula E because that is something completely different to any other car that I’ve driven throughout my career. The difference in power, brakes, tyres or in the downforce means that requires a driving style very different to the usual. I’m happy with the experience and what I have learned in this test. In general, has been a very fun day“.

It is understood that Panasonic Jaguar Racing has used one of the
15 test days each team is available
to develop the powertrain
the next season at the time of giving this opportunity to Felipe Massa in a
test that has taken place in a layout Spanish that has not been revealed. With
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