Felipe Massa recovers the time lost with 168 laps


Few could have imagined only a few months ago that Philip
Massa would be back
in the Formula 1. However, the reality is that the
brazilian driver becomes to be key to the Williams F1 team, as well has
become evident on the fifth day of test in Barcelona, however, Philip
Massa has completed 168 laps
, has finished with the best time and what is
more important, has regained some of the lost time that accumulate the
training british after the successive accidents suffered by Lance Stroll in the
the first week of testing
on the Catalan track.

In this respect, after marking a time of 1:19.726 with
superblandos and complete the distance of two grand Prizes and a half, Philip
Massa was more than satisfied with their work
: “Maybe we’ve gotten
do things today that last week it was not possible to do. Today we have achieved
be a lot of time on the track, to achieve a good feeling with the car and we
managed to see that the car is reliable, something that is very important. Still
we have three days of work, so we should try not to make mistakes. To
sometimes it is very easy to make them, today I even had an exit, but luckily not
nothing happened”.

Felipe Massa acknowledged the effort made:
I don’t remember having made 168 laps in my career in a day and less in
Barcelona. It is really positive for me, for the team, for engineers and
for everyone that has worked on this car. When I finished the day and
plus I saw my time up, was even better. I Am very happy with the day today,
although there is still much to be done, especially to understand where we are. With
all, the balance of a day like today can only be positive”.


At the physical level, Massa claimed end up very whole:
there Have been many times and although you feel in the body, I’m fine.
I trained a lot, I’m in good shape. As we did not know how they were going to be the
cars, maybe it has gone better than expected. I’ve tried to gain muscle,
especially in the neck. I’ve also done a lot of cardio. Not me I got to feel
as a retiree, or a lot less. I went back to the gym nothing more, deciding that I was going to
to continue to compete, I went back to training and unfortunately, to eat something less than what I would like.
effort has been worth it

Finally, Massa showed cautious despite the good
feelings: “It’s only the beginning. This car will grow a lot during the
, because it reminds me of the cars from 2006, 2007 and 2008, the years ‘top’
in the aerodynamics. The tires are better because they are wider and offer a
best behavior. I love driving this car. All in all, Mercedes already
showed incredible speed last week
and it seems that you are very
competitive in what they do. If we can fight for podiums, it will be already a great
work. It is early to say where we are, but end of the day, with the best
time and the maximum number of turns is bueno