Felipe Massa undergoes the Jaguar C-X75 in Spectre

Spectre, the next installment of the secret agent’s most famous in the world, will soon be in the cinemas worldwide. Although the premiere has already taken place in London, the promotion of the tape continues at a good pace. The last one comes to us from Mexico, where Felipe Massa has been at the controls of the Jaguar C-X75 in the movie.


Williams has collaborated with Jaguar to create the C-X75

taking Advantage of the celebration of the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico, the brazilian driver with Williams, has had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this car so special. The C-X75 has been created by the division of special operations, Jaguar, MSO, in close collaboration with the team from Williams Advanced Engineering.

Jaguar says that this is your car most advanced to date, and although this is not a production model definitive, yes will serve as the board of tests for future sports of the English house. In fact your project has been cancelled recently and has only been made for his appearance in the film Spectre. What I don’t get the film….

despite the striking thing that can be the C-X75 will not be the greatest star shining in the firmament of 007. That honor will correspond without any doubt to the other prototype, created solely for the occasion, the Aston Martin DB10. It will be a luxury to be able to see both together on the big screen, one driven by James Bond, and the other by Mr. Hinx the bad guy of the movie, played on this occasion by Dave Bautista.

The truth is that it is a pity that the project of the C-X75 has been cancelled definitely. On paper it had all the ballots to become a jewel of a car like no other. Her spectacular body is sums four electric engines with 780 HP and 1,600 Nm of torque. Will enjoy it on the big screen.