Felix Rosenqvist wins his second GP of Macau of F3


Felix Rosenqvist has earned the victory in the 62nd Great
Prix Macau F3
. The swede has been the great dominator of the end of
week and although Charles Leclerc has put the difficult things, has kept
calm to take the win at the Circuit da Guia. A victory that
raised him to the Olympus of Macao since
is the second pilot, after Edoardo
Mortara, who wins two times in Macau
and doing it consecutively. Podium for Charles Leclerc and Alex Sims in a race in which Dani Juncadella does not
took part
after his accident yesterday.

Felix Rosenqvist started first, but did not arrive in the first
place the curve of ‘Lisbon’. After an excellent outing and taking advantage of the
Charles Leclerc stood as the first leader of the test. The
debutant showed once more that there is a scary Macao and enzarzaba in a
remarkable battle with the own Rosenqvist. Both were in up to two
occasions in the next round, but his fight was aborted
by a red flag.
The strong accident of Gustavo
Menezes, Mitsunori Takaboshi and Ryan Tveter were forced to start the race from

Leclerc signed a restart nefarious and spent the first
position to the third position, surprised by the maneuver of their
Felix Rosenqvist regained the lead followed by Sam Macleod and
own Leclerc. Alex Sims was fourth and Markus Pommer fifth, just
in front of
a born-again Antonio Giovinazzi, after five laps he had won
four positions. The Italian rider finished his comeback there and in its
next pass down the straight of the Circuit da Guia is desembarazaba of Pommer
with a great maneuver, to put Sims in your crosshairs.


With Felix Rosenqvist escaped to 2.1 seconds, the battle for
the podium became the main focus of attention. In a brilliant and risky move,
Charles Leclerc ahead of Macleod, recovering the second position
and setting a fast lap immediately. This maneuver descentraba of all the
driver of Team West-Tec and
Sam Macleod had to leave when you touch the wall with
the car
. Alex Sim inherited the last position of the podium with two seconds on Giovinazzi. Behind, the positions are stabilised with
Pommer, Ferrucci, Stroll, Lorandi, Dennis and Maini in the top ten.

The last laps turned into a walk of triumph for Felix Rosenqvist. In fact, the pilot Swedish was given the luxury of dialing several fast laps to spice up his second consecutive victory in Macau. Something understandable because Rosenqvist is the only rider next to Edoardo Mortara has won the Grand Prize on two occasions, a record that shows how difficult it is to succeed at the Circuit da Guia. The chequered flag gave orn meritorious podium debutant Charles Lecrerc and Alex Sims, which came into its great performance in the race of ranking your podium today.

Antonio Giovinazzi remained to the doors of the podium after a good comeback. A result, bitter as the Italian showed he had the pace to fight for everything, but also the lack of resilience to not be dragged Dani Juncadella against the wall with the appropriate penalty that will lastrĂ³ in the race today. Markus Pommer finished fifth, followed by Santino Ferrucci and Alessio Lorandi. The rest of the top-ten was reserved for Lacen Stroll, Jake Dennis and Arjun Maini, one of the riders most promising motor sport indian current.

Results-Qualifying Race of the 62nd Grand Prix of Macau

Position Pilot Chassis / Engine Time / Difference
1 Felix Rosenqvist Dallara Mercedes 18 laps
2nd Charles Leclerc Dallara Volkswagen +1.168
3rd Alexander Sims Dallara Mercedes +5.075
4th Antonio Giovinazzi Dallara Volkswagen +5.948
5th Markus Pommer Dallara Volkswagen +11.703
6th Santino Ferruci Dallara Mercedes +16.863
7th Alessio Lorandi Dallara Volkswagen +18.775
8th Lance Stroll Dallara Mercedes +22.546
9th Jake Dennis Dalla Mercedes +24.355
10th Arjun Maini Dallara Tomei +24.863