Fenyr Supersport: from Dubai, with more than 900 HP and over 400 Km/h

W Motors has become to resort to a lounge car in the united arab emirates to present its best customers for their new supercar. Let’s welcome the Fenyr Supersport. Still remember the Lykan Hipersport, the supercar of exaggerated figures and rate that starred in the latest installment of Fast & Furious (7) in the scene that ran through several skyscrapers in mid-flight. Now, W Motors has gone to Dubai with a reinterpretation of that creature with two objectives, on the one hand to overcome the Lykan Hypersport in all its figures, and on the other hand increase their craft production from the 7 units that were produced of the Lykan Hypersport to the 25 units of the Fenyr Supersport.


the approach of The Fenyr Supersport can be understood as a logical evolution on its predecessor, using an improvement of the engine manufactured by the German RUF and now assures to develop more than 900 HP from a block Flat-Six 4-litre twin-turbo. The benefits that have been published speak of a maximum speed above 400 Km/h and an acceleration from 0-100 Km/h in less than 2.7 seconds. As in its predecessor, the rival to beat will be the Bugatti Veyron and the Koenigsegg Agera, both for performance and for exclusivity.


The details on the Fenyr Supersport are still very limited, since one of the big questions is your final price. If we look at its predecessor, the Lykan Hypersport, and its price of $ 3.4 Million, it seems that the new model will seek to increase that price to the cost of new and extravagant flourishes. Just remember as the Lykan Hypersport was made famous by the use of gold thread for the embroidery of your seats, the use of a multimedia interface with holographic projections real, or how their optics made use of 420 genuine diamonds.


One of the points that is certain to praise the future owners, is the fact that W Motors have sought to substantially improve the dynamics of the vehicle. One of the points where it has worked is in its carbon fibre structure, which is designed to influence aerodynamics very in account to be able to improve its performance and demonstrate its capability as a true supercar.

As already happened with the Lykan Hypersport, the main market for W Motors will be the middle East, so it seems quite difficult to see the Fenyr Supersport to receive approval for sale in Europe or the US