Fenyr Supersport, the new supercar from W Motors is presented in Dubai


little by Little, W Motors is getting to be noticed in a world that is anything but easy, the supercars of more high-performance and exclusivity guaranteed. The manufacturer of lebanese origin playing at home in the Salon Dubai 2015, as it is there where he has his headquarters, and you want to get noticed with his new creation, this Fenyr Supersport.

┬┐sounds like the Lykan Hypersport? This was the first model manufactured by W Motors, and even had a brief but stellar appearance in Furious 7, the last delivery for the time of the film saga Fast & Furious. It received over one hundred orders, at prices that exceeded loosely the three million dollars. Well, the Fenyr Supersport will still go beyond.

Perhaps I might remind you slightly of a Lamborghini, by their angular and strident ways, or even to a McLaren in some detail, but the Fenyr Supersport has its own personality. In addition to its aggressive design, optimized aerodynamics will allow you to exceed 400 km/h without sweat.


The Fenyr Supersport sits on a lightweight tubular chassis of aluminum, while its body is made completely of carbon fiber. Another interesting detail is his engine, developed by RUF. Yes, RUF Automobile know to go far beyond their brutal preparations with a basis Porsche, and here we are with a six-cylinder boxer 4.0-liter, with turbocharging twin-turbo.

Your power will be “over 900 HP”, with a maximum torque of 1,200 Nm, and entrecomillamos because of time W Motors has not released a figure more specific. Yes they claim that you can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 sec, approaching to a Bugatti Veyron. There is also no price announced, but each of the 25 units to be manufactured will cost several million dollars. Once more, the united Arab Emirates will be its main market.