Fernando Alonso and a single desire: the end 2015


Photo: McLaren

Resigned, as we used to the wound that has hurt so much that you’ve already made to live in pain. So passes Fernando Alonso in the death throes of a season much more negative than anyone could imagine. Undeserved. So he completed his grand prix 50 without knowing the victory. Victoria, what a nice name, and what distant. On Friday we saw the double champion only, without taking off the helmet, sitting on a wall looking at how the commissioners retired his McLaren after a new breakdown during free practice, under the dark sky of Sao Paulo. On Saturday the sun came out, but only on high. A turn lasted on the track in qualifying and, without anything better to do, decided to wait for the arrival of the car that would take him back to the pit-lane taking the sun. Two images, together and separately, they reflect the feel of a pilot that you want to send to the recycle bin, the file of course this car.

“Already missing only one race, that comes quick and we can get to work thinking about 2016”, asked after the race. Was 16th (15th after the exclusion of Massa), beating only to Ericsson and the Manor, and behind his team mate Button, who also was able to give all rounds: “Was a top priority to collect data with the two cars, and both we have, so that was a step forward after a number of great prizes that we have had to withdraw. By that side, positive”. A new test for the team british: “it Was a relief to finish the race, because of another mechanical problem again would have been painful for the whole team, so that’s the good news. It was a good workout, good times and I guess that a lot of data to analyze on the computer”. The bad news, the performance and everything else: “we weren’t very fast. We had problems from the first lap, with different power in different gears. Sometimes on fifth was going well, in the sixth it stopped, in the seventh very well…it was a bit strange driving. Was trying to avoid the marches that they had little power and was a little weird”.

moreover, in Brazil he returned to occur almost always in the last two years, won by Mercedes. Alonso again reminded that you are where you are because in order to defeat the German empire had to take risks. And the risk, by definition, can end badly: “we Know that Mercedes is in another league, in another championship, and still have things saved. Got the championship of the world and came to Brazil with aerodynamic improvements important to next year, so we have to do something extraordinary for batirles. That is the intention to be here is now at McLaren-Honda, and to take risks. Is being a difficult year, but hopefully that will bear fruit in the coming year and the next.” Hopefully.