Fernando Alonso, at the wheel of the Honda NSX in Estoril

In an exclusive event for the Spanish media, Alonso has driven the NSX on the Circuit of Estoril (Lisbon, Portugal), in a test drive only one in which the journalists attending have become co-pilots of the exception of the champion of Formula 1. Equipped with a hybrid engine that delivers up to 581 horsepower, the new NSX will arrive in Europe during the last quarter of this 2016.

this is what was leading Fernando Alonso during the press conference that has offered after the test drive. The pilot has emphasized the driving experience offered by the NSX. “What has surprised me most has been the braking capacity of the brakes and the sensations as the pilot does not fall far short of what we feel in F1, even though it is piping very different”, has stated Alonso. And has added “Driving a NXS is more soft and sweet than a car, because you’re not going to look to the millimeter as you do in the races. It’s like speaking of artistic drawing and technical drawing”.

The supercar hybrid Honda has a new engine DOHC six cylinders and two turbochargers mounted longitudinally, which is combined with a dual clutch transmission (DCT) and nine-speed was developed specifically for this model. An electric motor direct drive rear, housed between the engine and the gearbox, favors the performance in acceleration, braking and changing gears. in Addition, the front wheels of the NSX come powered by two electric motors independent parallel high-performance that provide an instant response of the pair.


a Few classic proportions of sharp profile and width, combined with some surfaces attractive and modern, a front design and aggressive lenses rear reminiscent of the NSX’s original, in whose development participated Ayrton Senna. As for the interior, it offers a front visibility exceptional, simple and intuitive controls and ergonomics that combines a subject leader in its segment with a comfort and extraordinary ease of access and exit.

The NSX will be manufactured exclusively at the facilities of the Performance Manufacturing Centre (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio (united States), where 100 experts in production, highly qualified manufacture of the entire car body, painting and final assembly.


This version, which incorporates a body manufactured by using processes as pioneers in the automotive world and a new engine 3.5-liter, six-cylinder engine with two turbochargers, challenges the conventions of the segment of the supercars as did their first generation, a quarter century ago.

In an era in which it dominated the Formula 1 (it was made with the title of builders for five consecutive years, from 1986), Honda introduced the NSX original in 1989, of the hand of his two great drivers, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, and a year later, in 1990, he initiated the marketing of which by that time was already a car very advanced.

Ayrton Senna raced the Honda NSX-R at the Suzuka circuit in 1992.

Today, 25 years later, Honda has become to assemble a champion of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso, and the new NSX in a unique opportunity, before the model arrives at dealers european.