Fernando Alonso, between 200 spaniards richer


The list of 200 spaniards richer of our country has been developed from the data of the companies Register, the National Commission of the stock Market, Bloomberg, the SEC, the NASDAQ and the signature Data Capital.

Such a list, published by The World, calculates the fortune official on the basis of the net asset value of each company, group or individual, and, for the first time, the average Spanish has included sports stars, despite the fact that the calculation is less precise and does not possess business structures and be based on estimates from their profits, sports sponsorships and image rights.

Fernando Alonso is the first athlete that appears in a list headed by Amancio Ortega, who owns a fortune valued at 67.650 billion euros. Alonso reaches 200 million, a figure very similar to that of another athlete that appears in the list: Rafael Nadal.