Fernando Alonso celebrates his 35th birthday

Fernando Alonso Díaz plays today, 35 years and remains one of the leaders of the Formula 1 and, in regard to our country, one of the best athletes in history. Its emergence in the Formula 1 has changed the perception of the motoring in Spain and served as a springboard for a multitude of projects that include circuit and equipment at the international level.

Currently, besides leading the project McLaren-Honda, cccount with a complex dedicated to motorsport which includes a museum about his career and a circuit of karting in the taught courses of all types to children of various ages and nationalities. In Engine.is we wanted to honor his contribution to the motorsport with a reminder on the day of your cumpleaños.

personal Data
Date of birth July 28, 1981
Place of birth Oviedo (Spain)
Studies Graduated from school (left the institute in 2000, a season in which he competed in the F3000)
Family Separated, without children
Hobbies Cycling, magic games
Professional career
regional Champion child (go-Karting) 1988
Champion cadet of Asturias and the Basque Country (Karting) 1990
Runner-up of Spain (Karting) 1991
Spanish Champion (Karting) 1993
3rd in the World Championship (Karting) 1995
World Champion and Spanish Junior Karting) 1996
Champion of Spain and Italy (Karting 1997
Champion in Paris-Bercy, Trophy of the Industry, European Champion (Karting) 1998
Champion with 9 poles and 6 victories (Open Nissan) 1999
ranked 4th with 1 victory and 1 pole position (Formula 3000). Test with Minardi F1 2000
23rd ranked with Minardi (Formula 1) 2001
Pilot test and reserve Renault F1 test with Jaguar F1 2002
6th place with Renault (Formula 1) 2003
ranked 4th with Renault (Formula 1) 2004
World Champion with Renault (Formula 1) 2005
World Champion with Renault (Formula 1) 2006
3rd place with McLaren (Formula 1) 2007
5th classified with Renault (Formula 1) 2008
9th classified with Renault (Formula 1) 2009
vice-World Champion with Ferrari (Formula 1) 2010
Ranked 4th with Ferrari (Formula 1) 2011
vice-World Champion with Ferrari (Formula 1) 2012
vice-World Champion with Ferrari (Formula 1) 2013
6th place with Ferrari (Formula 1) 2014
17th ranked with McLaren (Formula 1) 2015


sporting Achievements in the Formula 1
World drivers Championships 2
World Championships of constructors 2
Great Prizes disputados 263
Victorias 32
Pole positions 22
Turns rápidas 21
Podios 97
Puntos 1.802
Miles led 8.643
Kilometres travelled 71.592

Curiosities in the F1

  • Third youngest rider ever to be proclaimed World Champion: 24 years, 1 month, 27 days.
  • Fifth driver with most second places in the World: 3.
  • Sixth pilot with more victories: 32.
  • Third youngest driver to achieve a victory: 22 years, 26 days.
  • Second youngest ever driver to achieve a pole position: 21 years, 7 months, 11 days.
  • Third youngest driver to achieve a fastest lap: 21 years, 10 months, 17 days.
  • Third rider with the most points: 1.802.
  • Fourth rider with best average points per race: 6.85.
  • Third pilot with more consecutive races in the points: 23.
  • Fifth driver with most consecutive seasons in points: 14.
  • Second driver with most races in the points: 182.
  • Third rider with most podiums: 97.
  • Second pilot with the most second positions: 37.
  • Third driver with most third places: 28.
  • Fifth youngest driver on the podium: 21 years, 7 months, 23 days.
  • Third driver with the most consecutive podiums: 15.
  • the Fourth pilot with more consecutive seasons on the podium: 12.
  • Fifth driver with most races led: 84.
  • Fourth youngest driver to lead a race: 21 years, 7 months, 23 days.
  • Eighth pilot with more races run consecutively: 12.
  • Sixth pilot with the most races led in a season: 15.
  • Second driver with most consecutive seasons leading a race: 12.
  • the Fourth pilot with more races: 263.
  • Fourth rider with the most miles completed: 71.592.
  • Fourth rider with the most runs completed: 214.
  • Third driver with the most consecutive races completed: 29.
  • Pilot with the highest number of rankings at the 5th grid position: 35.