Fernando Alonso completed a very successful Rookie Test

Alonso con su casco de Indy

Fernando Alonso has been these days in the united States, where the world of Indy has been welcomed with much enthusiasm. Proof of this is that the rookie test have been followed in streaming for more than 70,000 fans (2 million people were in total and record sales of tickets smoothie for the race, the more sales that in the past 20 years) and have already put his name to one of the streets of the pit at the Indianapolis circuit. Alonso is keen to do this race to try to win it at the expense of losing the GP of Monaco of F1, but he wants to win the best races, adding to their world of F1 victories at Monaco for now try to add the Indy, and perhaps the next year Le Mans…

Alonso can’t drive your new car without problems, completing 110 laps and just putting an end to the session by the problems of rain that there was at the end of the day. Journalists and the own Mario Andretti were proud of the state of conduction of the spaniard and have been told I did a perfect session and amazing. The own Fernando was seen with a pretty face smiling have tested these cars, and so he used to say Zack Brawn, who has indicated that she had never seen Fernando so happy.

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The own Alonso has said that felt good with the car, has been gaining confidence little by little on the ovals, even though it says that driving on ovals peraltados and against the needles of the clock is a strange thing for him. However, all went well and there were not any major incidents in this rookie test. For those who do not followed, it was to give courses of laps where every time we went away more downforce to gain speed at the expense of grip. This is how you take confidence with these cars.

The day passed without any problems outstanding, completing many kilometres in oval with those 110 laps and getting used to the real car, as up until now I had only tested in simulator. She still has so much more to learn, and this time shot only, now missing continue to train and shoot well with traffic, that is another problem added, picking rebufos and changing the plotted, in addition to the dirty air that can make you lose some power. Does the summary end of the day? Well, that Alonso managed to roll to a maximum speed of 222,548 miles per hour, that is to say, about 358 km/h.