Fernando Alonso confirmed that the causal direction was blocked accident


After accident happened a month ago during the days of testing at the Circuit de Barcelona, ​​ Fernando Alonso explained that blocked direction was what led to crash his car into the wall.


Fernando-Alonso F ernando Alonso decided to mark the end of the speculation about the accident he suffered a month ago. He explained in detail by stating that direction was blocked right , which forced him to apply the brakes, down two gears and then impacting against the retaining wall of the circuit.

But these incidents were not reflected in the telemetry, which led to McLaren-Honda had to install a series of new sensors to remedy the situation, after a month of exhaustive tests to car, which prompted Alonso to claim that now have a safer car his hands.

Alonso: “The direction is blocked, braked and down two gears, but I hit the wall”


Furthermore Alonso confirmed the initial hypothesis of the team had no support when they said a side wind had caused the dismissal and subsequent collision.

In this the Spaniard was very clear and concise in stating that even a hurricane had moved the car thus but trying to soften the controversy, said the confusion was generated by the explanations initial product of the stress and urgency to communicate something .

After the explanations of Alonso at a press conference, both the pilot and the team terminated the incident happened a month ago at Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona . Is qu considering telemetry unable to record anything that happened, it is unlikely that new evidence may arise precisely what happened.

Fernando took the opportunity to express that feels very happy and he does not think his departure from Ferrari was a mistake. The Spaniard has a dream of his third world title and that is the objective pursued until the end of his career.





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