Fernando Alonso considers 2016 as their third best year after 2012 and 2014


If we stick purely to the numbers, the two seasons of Fernando Alonso at McLaren have been the worst of his career in Formula 1, with the exception of his first year at Minardi. The performance of their McLaren has not only been very far from the that had those Renault the first half of 2000, the McLaren of 2007 or the five Ferrari that Alonso soldiered on, if not that, in general, both years have been even worse than their 2009 in Renault.

however, the feelings with which Alonso has finished the season 2016 are significantly more positive that in 2015. Last year, the Spanish rider finished in a modest 17th place, scoring only two runs and getting 10 of his 11 points thanks to their expertise and the exceptional circumstances of Hungary, but in 2016 began on a good line and ended up even better.

Alonso has finished among the first seven in 7 of the nine races in which he has joined, points, with two-fifths in Monaco and Austin as hot spots, and has concluded the year scoring in seven of the last 11 tests. All this has allowed him to beat the Williams of Felipe Massa for the tenth position in the general, and end up close to Nico H├╝lkenberg.

summing up what happened throughout the season, Alonso believes that he has been one of the best years of his career at the level of piloting. Without going any further, what ranks as his third best year, ahead of the seasons of his two titles of world champion, and only behind those who stood as his two best years at Ferrari, adding that the good feelings of the car allowed him to extract his full potential as a pilot.

2012 it is, probably, my best season in Formula 1. 2014 would be the second best, and this year would be on the top step of the podium for now. I felt very safe in the car in all conditions. Even in the last 10 laps of Brazil, I felt very competitive with tyres for 40 laps, things like that. That trust in the coach gave me the opportunity to ride to the limit on many occasions. I think that this year my riding has been of a very high standard”.

comparison with his now ex-partner supports her assertion. Last season, Jenson Button scored in four grand Prizes and beat Alonso by five points (11-16). This year, the balance has been a resounding 54-21 in favor of Alonso, with Button having scored in two Big Prizes less (7) Spanish.

“Jenson is a pilot, incredible. Last year I experienced and what I saw, and this year, I have been able to be in front of him many, many times. Even in qualifying we were 13-5 or something like that, but in the three qualifying sessions I did not participate because I already had sanctions of engine and I just did Q1″.

Alonso is confident that the state of optimism which pervades the Woking translate into even better results for 2017, looking for a finish a drought of podiums that lasts from Hungary 2014, and the triumphs, from Spain 2013. Even with all, is cautious and says not to think in the possibility of aspiring to the title to short-term

“I’m happy with the things we have done and with the progress of the team. twelve months Ago, we were disappointed, and we had a lot of sad things in our heads. This year, everything is optimism and joy. we Know that there is still a long way to be champions, but the feeling is much more happy than last year”.