Fernando Alonso does not like the Formula 1 current


Photo: McLaren

Just had the last race of the season, its year more complicated in Formula 1, and Fernando Alonso slammed the FIA and the stewards. Had been sanctioned for an incident in the first corner and the spaniard, still warm, had not bitten his tongue. After two weeks, the champion follows with the same harshness when speaking of the highest organism and, asked by Autosport about what you would change if you could make the rules face the great change that is expected for 2017, would have finished before responding what to leave it as it is: “Put bigger engines, more power, more aerodynamics, more freedom for teams to develop, and more test. I guess that something like it was the Formula 1 makes it perhaps ten years. I know that sometimes the Formula 1 was more expensive, but I doubt it, because now the technology of the simulators and other tecnolog√≠an increase the cost”.

The problem is that there is not more evidence it is, according to Alonso, that the small teams can’t afford so many test. Something that, according to the McLaren driver should not have to pay the rest of the teams, because it is a law of life that some have more resources than the others. Explained by comparing it with other sports: “If some teams can’t afford to do test, it is your problem, it is the nature of the sport. Real Madrid can buy some players and other teams can not. You don’t have to apologize for that”. The attack towards the teams with the most humble does not stop there, and the Spanish continued their protest: “In Formula 1 there is always the need to protect the small teams, and sometimes, if they can’t prove, can’t test”.

The plan for 2017 is to increase the speed of the cars, which will have a significant cut in lap time. Something that, says Alonso, will have a positive impact in the Formula 1, as currently the cars are not as fast as they should: “The expectation for 2017 is to have a faster car because we now have a slow car. A fast car of Formula 1 will be a better show for the people who see the races”. However, Fernando recognizes that it is difficult to know what it takes to make more attractive the great prizes: “To have better careers, it is difficult to know what you need. If we look at this year, you have maybe four or five races boring where nothing happened, and suddenly two that are spectacular, and nothing has changed. Are the same cars and the same equipment. Even in the same circuit a year you can see a boring race and the next one spectacular.” doHe reason Alonso in his criticisms?