Fernando Alonso has a yes conditional on the FIA to race in China

Alonso GP de Bahrein 2016Fernando Alonso could not run in the last GP of Bahrain, a track that will usually give very good Spanish. All because of a few injuries that even dragged from the strong accident that you had in the GP of Australia. The pilot spaniard underwent a medical test of the FIA to see if it was in terms of running and the results were announced that he had a broken rib and a pneumothorax, which could be detrimental in the event that were putting up a good.

The doctors of the organization again postponed the test to give the nod to the GP of China, where everything seems to indicate that it will run. Fernando Alonso has already been subjected to the tests doctors and lack of the final confirmation, it seems that Alonso may be in the free 1 and compete in the GP of China, normally the view that is already in better health, although still having the broken rib.

Imágenes del accidente de ALonso en el GP de Australia 2016But yes is not final, but conditional, as it says in the title of this article. The reason is that physicians do not have 100% clear and will subject the English to a new test after the free 1. Both McLaren-Honda and Alonso have great resolve to spread even from the last GP of Bahrain, where they had a few heated discussions of the last hour in a meeting which was also attended by Bernie Ecclestone and which finally were not.

As a precaution, Alonso will go back for another test after the free 1 to make sure that everything is OK to let it compete in the qualifying and the race on Sunday. Although what is more likely is that the pilot can run without problems after the screening. The own Alonso has stated that he feels much better mentally and physically, without pain in the past few days after have a hard time these past weeks in the aftermath of the accident.

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