Fernando Alonso: “McLaren can be fourth this year”


Photo: McLaren

Contested seven grand prix this season, it is undeniable that the situation of McLaren is better than twelve months ago if one listens to the results and rankings. But the seventh position in the table of constructors, and the twelfth, which occupies Fernando Alonso the pilots are not a great consolation for one of the teams most successful in the history of Formula 1. However, the Spanish rider expressed his belief that the team of Woking can fight this year for the fourth without neglecting the preparations for the next season, which will come into effect relevant changes in the cars.

I Think that we can be rooms. In some circuits, we may be more competitive than the other teams. But we are faced with a different situation, because the changes in the rules for next year have implications in relation to how long to continue the evolution of the car this year. In a normal situation, we could continue to improve and finish near the top three, but the rules for 2017 require work, and can we stay on the current level of performance for the second half of the season. But we are a great team and we can address the two things at the same time.

Fernando Alonso, which this year has achieved a sixth place in Russia and a fifth in Monaco, believes however that McLaren has the necessary tools to face both challenges and that is in the right place to achieve the goal of beating Mercedes.

it Is clear that we are growing and going in the right direction. This year will come many things that we are going to do increasingly more competitive. There are some areas in which we have the advantage this year and next, as the fuel, the power unit and, in some aspects, also in terms of the mechanics. If we want to defeat the Mercedes, that has been my goal since I made some decisions two years ago, I’m in the right place and hopefully at the right time.