Fernando Alonso plans to write an autobiographical book

Fernando en el cockpit de su MP4-31Fernando Alonso matures, the years pass and our champion is closer to its withdrawal from the world of Formula 1. We can not deceive, whether we like it or not, this will end up happening. Although it can always be other championships in the world of the engine, such as Le Mans, Indy, etc, has Already said that the next year will take a decision based on if he likes the new car more endpoints with the regulatory changes no.

So that the next championship will show us a more accurate future of Fernando Alonso in the F1. We have seen other champions mythical books have been written, documentaries and have even made films. Fernando Alonso also has raised to leave a legacy outside of the circuits, with an autobiographical book that could arrive soon, according to a statement that the spaniard has recently been carried out.

Alonso y Dennis en el GP de Australia 2016Is something in which many are interested: “Also ask me if I’m going to do in the future, an autobiographical book. Yes, that is the plan. I Hope to be able to write it soon.”, as has been mentioned the wealthy through the social networks that is very present lately. Specifically what has been done in your account of Instagram.

In him will all of his achievements in the motor racing world, since it began with just a few years of life and until the end of his career in Formula 1. And for the more morbid, surely to include some of the things that happened in 2007, this year in the McLaren-Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton companion, the famous case of espionage at Ferrari and where the Spanish ran out to put direction to a team that made him more happy…