Fernando Alonso prepares for 2017

Fernando Alonso preparandose

Fernando Alonso, like the rest of the pilots, in less or greater extent are prepared in a way very hard to endure physically to the cars of the next year. Alonso seems to be one of the drivers that like these more demanding conditions and always has criticised the current cars. Others such as Sergio Perez have said they are devastated with the training…

, Leaving this physical preparation side, i.e. that which is alien to the speculations on the future of Alonso and the seat has left Rosberg, who remember is still without a candidate waiting for an official announcement by Mercedes, is already working in Woking as has been shown with some photos on their social networks.


The holiday last a little bit, and Alonso has already been preparing himself physically, and will continue to do until the preseason. But now has also returned to the work more technical, in this case Woking to test in the simulator advances of 2017. And prepare some things for the new season. With the images, the Spanish driver also pacify all those voices that have placed him in a Mercedes.

The more likely it is that Wehrlein will be the one who fills the seat, and although Mercedes has not deigned to announce it already, perhaps to create more hype, just need the official confirmation when dignen. While Alonso will fulfill a contract with McLaren-Honda in 2017 and has been shown to be very committed: “I Think that in this project, I am committed to him and want to be world champion with McLaren-Honda. This is my only goal.