Fernando Alonso suggests changes to improve visibility in rain


despite his experience with the rain, Fernando Alonso was one of the drivers that more trouble was on the tarmac of Interlagos during the dispute of the Grand Prix of Brazil, trompeando on two occasions. Still, the pilot spaniard managed to rescue some points, but the feelings learned of this career has led him to ask for some changes in the racing water.

During the race in Brazil, several drivers had trouble negotiating the track in wet conditions despite having the extreme wet tyres, and riders like Kimi Räikkönen, Felipe Massa and Marcus Ericsson were the worst part with strong accidents, all of them in the goal zone. In addition to the own Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen also had scares similar throughout the test.

Alonso has no doubts in pointing to the performance of the rain tires from Pirelli as one of the causes of accidents such as that of Räikkönen, (I have run many times in Brazil with rain, and in 16 years had never seen a spinning top in the middle of the straight”), but recognizes that to compete in wet conditions is noticeably more dangerous, and pointing to one of the most notorious aspects of these tests: the trail of water spray, known as spray, which generate the cars to your step, and that significantly hampers the visibility

“(Running in the rain) has always been risky, and more unpredictable, there is little visibility and always produce some accidents, but it is part of the sport, I don’t think that goes away. What we can learn from the races in Brazil is that we need better visibility, if it is possible.

To this end, Alonso suggests that you should implement some changes: “I Think there are a few things that we should consider in the future to improve the spray, there are devices and different ideas that can help. he gives as an example the cars of GT, “you don’t have that spray because it does not have the wheels completely out”, opening the door to the wheels may be fully or partially covered.

Even with everything, the change of rules, 2017 could even exacerbate this appearance, with wider wheels, which may generate a greater amount of spray. Alonso is not afraid that the visibility is going to be different in these conditions, but acknowledges that “maybe next year will be worse, because the tires will be something different”.