Fernando Alonso wants to become a “Graham Hill”

Alonso abandonadoThe Spanish rider Fernando Alonso has recently stated that he would like to be a “Graham Hill”, that is to say, to win the Monaco GP, winning Le Mans and win the Indianapolis 500-Mile race. This is the path that you would like to follow Fernando is retiring from F1. The win in Monaco already has been achieved, so that we would be running in Le Mans, which is something that is spoken a lot lately and also doing the 500 Miles of Indianapolis.

Graham Hill, the legendary british pilot is the other that it did in the past, reigning three-times earning up to 5 occasions the Monaco GP in Formula 1, winning the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1972, and previously having won the Indianapolis 500 in 1966. This would be a dream for the pilot spaniard, who thinks that after the F1 will not leave the steering wheel to become a commentator or occupy any job in any team in F1 but want to continue competing in other categories.

graham-hillDamon Hill, the son, and also F1 champion, has some stories of his father Graham on the victories from the Monaco GP and on the Triple Crown achieved, winning the legendary Indianapolis 500 and the 24 hours of Le Mans, in addition, Hill was a double world F1 as Alonso. Hill was the only driver to achieve this feat at the moment. What will Fernando Alonso also? It is not known, we will have to wait to see what the future holds after the Formula 1, but he could get it.

Fernando has not so far been champion of F1 in 2005 and 2006, in addition to runner-up many years. Has been able to win in Monaco with Renault two times and a with McLaren, while Ferrari is almost achieved in 2011. And now I lack to ride a car of Indy and Endurance bringing it to the highest level, something that has not yet tried, but taking into account the ability of Fernando Alonso just might become the Hill Spanish in the future… What is true is that it is already one of the greats.

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