Fernando Alonso: “we Can improve two and a half seconds”


The McLaren drivers are convinced that in 2016 we will see a race car more competitive, but the big question is to what extent will be able to climb in a McLaren-Honda. Fernando Alonso has shown to be very optimistic on his arrival to Austin and ensures that the team can improve two and a half seconds during the preseason. A goal that is ambitious, but considered realistic if the team makes a great effort during the winter. To do this, the team will have to win on reliability and starting from there to build with the communion of McLaren, Honda and pilots a project to the height.

we Can improve two and a half seconds. If we do, we will win next year. It is a realistic goal, but the issue is that we need to work very hard during the winter and to be all united together, because in this new Formula 1, everything is a package explained Fernando Alonso in Austin. The spaniard noted this idea in speaking of the communion that must exist between all the parts of the computer and the car: “Everything combined offers a perfect car and still working. We understood it and we are trying to do to the fullest. There is a very great distance that we have to close“.

however, the spaniard raises certain nuances to achieve that leap forward. You can’t repeat events such as Singapore, where the overheating damaged the electrical part of a few gearboxes that were in perfect condition. In relation to these problems, Alonso analyzed: we Need to improve a lot in reliability. We should not forget that we’ve used 11 engines up to date. It is not something that we can afford next year. There are things to adjust, but all the steps the team has taken during the last two months are logical and good. I am positive”.


yes, the double champion of the world is known to improve two and a half seconds is a company complicated, but get beat to the reference computer is a task still more difficult, mainly by the great difference existing between Mercedes and the rest of the teams: Win is another level. Winning means to beat Mercedes and right now there are teams that have things more or less adjusted and also unable to do so. For us it will be something very big, but we are prepared to, at least try it“.

A good part of the claims of improvement they want to achieve both Fernando Alonso as the team go through the power unit of Honda. Despite the comparison with a motor of GP2 in Japan, the new powertrain premiered in Sochi seems to have filled to Alonso’s optimism: “Honda is working. Do not promise anything because there are too many things to put on your site first. I Think you are very optimistic about the outcome of the engine in the next year. Have learned many things. The steps we can take are much larger than other teams”.