Fernando Alonso woke accident in 1995 believing he was


The important thing is that the health of Braking Alonso is intact, but there are still serious doubts about the reasons of the accident. Asturian took several days to recover his memories and ensure woke speaking in Italian .


Fernando-Alonso-1 L he doubts regarding accident suffered by Fernando Alonso during practice in the Circuit de Catalunya , in Montmelo are even huge and as days pass they get to know more details.

After regaining consciousness after the coup against the retaining wall Alonso woke babbling in Italian answering questions to doctors who attended “I am Fernando, I race in karts and want to become F1 driver ‘.

even say took one week win back the memories of the past 20 years , including the most crucial moments of his career, as his debut in Formula 1 in 2001, his two titles with Renault and his move from Ferrari to McLaren-Honda in 2015.


“I’m Fernando, cum in karts and want to become Formula 1 driver” was what he told the doctors who attended.

This was the result of the concussion suffered by the Spaniard, who crashed his car while traveling at 200 km / h and kept him three days for observation.

On medical recommendation Alonso will not participate in the first race of the year, the Grand Prix of Australia. McLaren said the cause of the accident was due to an strong crosswind although experts say that something else happened, but the team refuses to explain. Fernando suffered believe shock system recovery engine power.

Such is the reluctance of some, believed that pilots will not run for a boycott in the first Grand Prix of the season, so the fate of the Grand Prix of Australia is still uncertain .

ma important thing about this story is that Fernando Alonso’s health is perfect . Doctors said they suffered no damage, ie that his brain was in the same condition as before the accident.





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