Fernley: “If Williams or we have failed, McLaren will punish us”


Williams and Force India are separated by 15 points in the overall standings of the constructors championship, but in recent days McLaren has shown a similar rate to that of these two teams, and even higher when the circumstances have been favorable to Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

Bob Fernley, the Deputy Director of Force India, acknowledge that McLaren can become the judge of the duel between both teams for the fourth position. “I Think it’s going to be a face-to-face until the end of the season.
We can check out some more of our tune, but I think that both
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, ” says Fernley with that both teams have focused their efforts in the season 2016.

McLaren is in a different situation, taking advantage of its greater development capacity. The team from Woking is still working on the current car as a test bench for 2017 and Honda, for his part, works tirelessly to place the engine at the height of its rivals.

“I Think that what will happen is that McLaren will interfere between
us, and if one of us makes a mistake, McLaren us
will be punished. McLaren could be the difference between us, is so
as I think that is going to happen. It’s going to be a duel-three-dimensional”
, predicts Bob Fernley, aware of the hidden potential that is McLaren.