Fernley: “Vijay Mallya is the reason for the rise of the computer”


Force India and Vijay Mallya have lived a 2016 of feelings conflicting. While the training has managed to sign his best season in Formula 1, finishing in fourth position in the Constructors ‘ Championship after overtaking Williams F1, the pattern of the team has swept a personal situation much more complicated, whenever that is in a condition of search and seizure by justice of india. With all Bob Fernley, Deputy Director of the Team, believes that Mallya is the main cause of the progression who has lived Force India in the last few seasons, a lot of that this season barely has stepped on the paddock.

In statements to ‘Autosport’, Bob Fernley highlights the figure, and the good work of the owner of Force India, which as a result has allowed to surpass Williams: “he Deserves a lot more respect. Vijay will be ten years in Formula 1 next year and a few owners of private teams can reach this figure. It is an interesting fact and will also continue for much longer. I Think Vijay Mallya is the fundamental reason of the rise of the computer. I don’t think that this progression is magical, it is simply an exercise of consistency and attention to detail of all the good people that form the team”.

Although the fourth position in the Constructors ‘ Championship will give an extra boost to Force India in economic terms, Fernley believes that the excitement generated is almost just as important: is Really a moral impulse. This result supports what the team has been doing for the last three or four years. One can never underestimate the enthusiasm that will encourage and help the team to take it to the next stage. Although it is good to have a dose of additional funding, this result will cause an automatic enthusiasm and the commitment necessary in order to 2017“.