Fernley: “we Need 230 million to take the next step”


Force India is still, a year more, the team more competitive between the modest of half of grill. Each year has improved his finishing position in the championship and now threatens the position of Williams, who holds the fourth place among the builders.

To Bob Fernley, however, the fourth place is the ceiling for Force India at this time, because getting more would mean a fight with the big three of the Formula 1: Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. “I Think the goal probably is to be the best of the rest,
in honor of the truth. In reality, we need 200 million pounds
to take the next step. But, that said, next year is going to
be exciting. Obviously the larger teams have processes
much more efficient, so they have the advantage, but the advantage is
less than it ever has been. So that will be interesting, and I think that
it will give interesting opportunities in the coming year”
, said the Deputy Director of the team in a statement to F1i.com.

The wind tunnel of Toyota

The season 2017 is seen by teams as a chance to dethrone Mercedes or, in the worst cases, improve their current state. For Force India can be a unique opportunity to stand above what is expected, and in addition to the 2017 will be the first car entirely designed with the help of the wind tunnel of Toyota (used by many teams, including Ferrari and McLaren), which allows you to use scale models of the 60% of the original size. “The car of 2017 will be the first that will use a model
scale of 60%. In the past we have used the (wind tunnel)
of the 50% that we had in Brackley. Even when we made the change
(the wind tunnel) Toyota -which obviously cost us very expensive
at the beginning of 2015, we recover and continue to make progress from
there. So the model of the 60% with the reliability that it provides is
exciting for us”

“it Is a fierce fight in the middle of grill

Vijay Mallya, for his part,highlights the fact that Force India is in the fight for the fourth place with Williams, and highlights the Great Prize of Monaco as a crucial point in the season. “There is still a long way to go, but at least
we are in the fight. I remember our podium in Monaco as the point
turning in our season, both in terms of results
as for public perception, Then, our great performance in Baku
it reinforced the great work that we are doing as a team”

Mallya believes that if the team is able to maintain this rate of scoring, could finish the season very high up. “it Is a fierce fight in the middle of the grill, but we are paying
well. From Monaco we have achieved 67 points, compared with the 31
our most immediate rival. If we continue at this pace, it will be
interesting to see where we can finish the season”