Ferrari 250 GT Drogo, the Ferrari with glass hood did not know anything

was recently auctioned for almost 800,000 euros this interesting Ferrari 250 GT Drogo . Although the price is a fraction of the price of Rossa Testa or expensive GTO – the world of classic Ferrari is really crazy – the Ferrari 250 GT Drogo is a very special car . He began his life as a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, which was sent to workshops Pietro Drogo, a coachbuilder which among other creations manufactured the famous Ferrari 250 Breadvan. This copy passed through his hands in the distant 1964.

Under its hood lives a motor 3.0 V12 atmospheric 300 hp unadulterated.

Drogo his hand built aluminum body, long and majestic, but not too different in substance to the bodies of series 250 GTO . When compared with the 250 TR starting if the differences are huge, deep were becoming a racing car on a street machine usable in the day. This body forms Ferrari retained both the huge hood like a knife cut back, but the most interesting was his bonnet, with a glass bulb at its center .

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This piece of methacrylate allows you to see the driver of the car, and appreciate their delicious inlet trumpets mounted on top of the engine. One thing to note is that the car’s engine was not the original 250 Testa Rossa. Farewell to the six carburetors to twelve cylinders thoroughbred, hello to a conventional engine of the Ferrari 250. This does not mean anything bad per se: it is a great V12 atmospheric 3, 0 liters with 300 horsepower . But the car does something less exclusive.

The V12 original was installed in another project Drogo, who at this time is unknown. This issue has been restored in full and has in its pedigree with several victories in Grand Prix of Brazil, between 1964 and 1967, where his first owner competed. has been sold for 799,960 euros , a figure lower than the initial estimate of 1.2 million euros money. Bubble classic cars has bypassed this beautiful specimen, whose chassis number is 2493 – from a Testa Rossa 1957.

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