Ferrari 250 GTO for sale: don’t rasques the pockets, there you will

Ferrari 250 GTO en ventaThe world of the automotive industry is taking a drastic change, and it will continue to tumble in the coming decades. Every day we talk about hybrid vehicles, electrical, driving aids and the total automation of cars, that sooner or later, and as much as it hurts some, it will come. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the value of the sport classic and limited production is rising as the foam; the best example is the Ferrari 250 GTO.

This supercar of the 60’s is the classic sports better priced currently. Occurred between less than 40 units of the Ferrari 250 GTO, so each time that a drive receives the sign “sold” or listed in any auction, you can imagine the amount of billionaires are drooling after him. What is really difficult is to learn that a unit is for sale, as they tend to be operations in private.

Ferrari 250 GTO en ventaThe unity that we see in the images was produced in the year 1962, chassis 3387, being the second Ferrari 250 GTO produced and the first to compete in a competition, having played even the mythical 24 Hours of Le Mans. After passing through several hands of pilots of the time, in 1997 it was acquired by the american Bernie Carl, who restored it and has been showing in different events up to our days. The state of the drive is simply spectacular, as if they had not spent the years for her.

As rumored, Talacrest calls for nothing less than £ 45 million, which will come out to be something more of 52 million euros. Be true and find a buyer, it would become the most expensive car in history with a great difference. Worth the Ferrari 250 GTO is a myth and that the history of this particular unit is a bit special but what 52 million euros?… What do you think?

Ferrari 250 GTO en ventaSource – Talacrest