Ferrari 250 GTO: the first winner of the saga’s most legendary for sale


The blue NART was its original decoration in 1962.

The mere fact of being on sale one of the few copies of the Ferrari 250 GTO is already news in itself, regardless of the value that reaches or does not reach. Although the possible sale or auction of any of these copies, officially only 39 GTO in total, unleash the full madness of their value and possible price, since this is considered the classic model most sought-after of the story.

each and every one of the numbers of casting of the model out of the factory in Maranello in the sixties are well documented, so that the copies survivors are properly located.

These are usually not precisely available, and by the declarations of their owners, tend to have several offers on the table constantly. The transactions of this model tend to be private, so they tend not to appear to the sale, although every certain number of years appears some exemplary, as is this case, which automatically makes front page news.


This was the first 250 GTO that competed in a race.

This copy, which appears in a dark blue color, the subject of a restoration some years returned to their original colours of war, is on sale in specialist uk Talacrest , and is the copy belonging to the collector american Bernard J. Carl, which has shown in public on numerous occasions since it was made with the in 1997, when it was repainted to blue’s original which was sold in 1962.

Talacrest has offered by 45 million Pounds Sterling, a few 56.84 million, or 52.26 million euros. Values of confirmed sale at that price would automatically become the more expensive model of the story.

Currently, there two figures that we could say that they share the record of sports the most expensive of the history. On the one hand, the official, obtained precisely by the Ferrari 250 GTO belonging to the Maranello Rosso Collezione, which reached 38.1 million dollars at the auction of Bonhams in Monterey 2014. And on the other, the unofficial and not confirmed never officially, belonging also to another copy of the 250 GTO. This belonged to the collection Pappalardo and was purchased at private sale by an anonymous collector in 2013.


Its price tag says £ 45 million.

despite the fact that there are statements but no reports to support it, the alleged $ 52 million that changed hands in that transaction, at that time, about 42 million euros to the change, continue to be more of a story than an official figure. So the 250 GTO #3851GT ex-Maranello Rosso Collezione continues to lead the list of sports most expensive on the planet.

Can become the most expensive in history?

What is certain is that it is both the possibility that the 250 GTO blue pictures don’t get to sell in the facilities of the specialist british, nor to the price nor to any other, since it will receive a few offers surely to the floor, as that will eventually be sold and who do not actually know the final price.

In any of the cases, concerned there will be and it is not surprising, since in addition to its very nature, the 250 GTO #3387GT has a history magnificent.


Pointed out as the possible new record, although I may never know.

I walked Out of the facility to Maranello in 1962 as the second frame of the 250 GTO, the previous, the 3233GT was manufactured in 1961 and used for the first tests that same year and as a vehicle for the presentation in February of 1962. Like the latter, the 3387GT was employed by Ferrari for testing at Monza, with Lorenzo Bandini at the wheel, and then shipped towards the dealer Luigi Chinetti in the united States.

First frame Ferrari GTO in competition

The 250 GTO blue of the images was the first to be delivered, arrived in march of 1962 to american shores, and also first premiering in competition, the 24 of march of march made her debut the teaches 250 GTO for the first time in a race, in the 12 Hours of Sebring, where, in addition to he achieved the first victory of the model, the first of its class and second overall with Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien at the wheel.

And all this was happening in its first official month of life, in march 1962.


living History of the engine and the competition. Photo of time.

After this, Chinetti sent it back the GTO in Maranello to be submitted to the modifications necessary to run that year at Le Mans, where he came under the colors of the NART and was sixth overall and third in his class, with Bob Grossman, his new owner, and George “Fireball” Roberts, Jr.

Between 1962 and 1965 this unit ran regularly in multiple events, making not a few podiums and one victory-class, both with Grossman as with Mike Gammino III, its next owner, who kept him in power until 1968. Since that time and until 1997, the GTO blue tuvoi up to 6 different owners, going back to be repaired on occasion , and even repainted red, which was acquired in September 1997 Bernard J. Carl, the current owner.

This what he had acquired Ron Finger, Jr., that he had kept in his collection almost 20 years, the same time that it has taken her current owner in put it up for sale.


One of the copies employed by Ferrari for the initial tests.

In 1997, the 250 GTO was repainted to its current configuration, Blu Genziana or metallic blue NART with a single central strip of white. The choice of this color is not casual, because it is the decoration that he exhibited during their first years, so being it was a success on the part of the collector, as it coincides with the many vintage photos existing.

despite the time elapsed and having been a vehicle largely used, both in their first years of competition as in the subsequent decades, as quoted classic, this GTO retains all its mechanical organs original, both the V12 3.0-liter and 300 HP powered by carburetors as the transmission are the originals, with their corresponding serial numbers.

His state is the one which corresponds to a museum piece, which is where he has been resting regularly these past few years.