Ferrari 250 GTO: the myth as a background on the circuit of Zandvoort


The sports most legendary of all times.

The Ferrari 250 GTO is without a doubt the vehicle collection more valuable and coveted in the world, so that to day of today talk about in terms of performance-on circuit is not only quite rare, but for many it may even be sacrilegious. Since each and every one of your copies has a status of museum piece.

The 250 GTO was one of the most prominent stars of the World Sportscars Championship in the decade of the sixties, an ancestor far enough in the WEC current, so that it is a model that has already proved and to spare, its worth in the circuits of half the world.

In the video that you have below these lines we can peer into a camera onboard mounted on one of the 39 copies made of the model, provided that we include the 330 GTO who rode the 4.0-liter in place of the V12 3.0-liter original. This happened in the past historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort, and the video has been uploaded to Youtube by the brilliant photographer automobile Robbert Alblas, responsible for several spectacular productions.

Although the video onboard may not be to the liking of the majority of fans, because even with the privileged perspective of the cockpit view can get to be very monotonous, in the case of this video there is not really time to get bored.

In the first place, the purity of the sound emanating from the V12, with a tone very metallic, it has nothing to do with the sound that unintentionally we have become accustomed by the special effects of the film or the sound is more hoarse than have the current sports.

And on the other hand, the beauty of the cabin. Very spartan, full of small watches disordered, with a large sphere after the huge shifter chrome, on the grille is a traditional Italian brand, in addition to the steering wheel. Large-diameter, rim narrow wood and three-spoke clumps that seem to want to bite the hands if you not paying attention in a sharp turn. Only to observe the play of hands, the steering wheel to the lever and vice versa is already a spectacle.