Ferrari 312 T5: the disastrous last car of Jody Scheckter on sale


Frame number 312 T5 046.

The series of one-seater 312 T Ferrari was one of the most important sagas of the team Italian, with numerous victories and several Championships, drivers and constructors. However, the copy that appears in the images can not boast of the legacy victorious from their predecessors, despite the fact that it had the same elements already tested these. This particular unit was used largely by Jody Scheckter in the 1980 season, with poor results.

This car, identified with the frame number 046, will be available for auction in the next event of Bonhams at the Quail Lodge in Monterey, in the events that are held parallel to the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance 2017. In a state unbeatable, and with a history very sporty documented, the 312 T5 #046 will go to auction the next day 18 of this month, although the auction house kept secret its price and possible reserve price.

This model was the last who piloted the champion south african before their withdrawal season in which ported the number 1 Champion in the World, Scheckter had been the champion in the previous season, in 1979, when the Scuderia also won in the World Championship for Constructors, thanks to Scheckter and his teammate, Gilles Villeneuve, father of Jacques Villeneuve, a champion of the season 1997.


Scheckter employed long this frame 1980.

The 1980 season was a real disaster for the Scuderia, so that we cannot say that this issue has a history replete with victories. Despite having a base and winning more than proven in the previous seasons, in fact, was the fastest of the year, what is certain is that the 312 T5 did not work well at any time of the season. The model had all kinds of problems, from the tires to the reliability of the engine.

The result was a a tenth place in the final classification, the worst possible outcome of the year. Neither Villeneuve nor Schekter managed to get on the podium even once in all the year, which perfectly describes the disaster season that was in it is time the world-champion team.

The following year the squad of Enzo Ferrari presented the 126 C, abandoning the 12-cylinder flat in favour of a V6 turbo, the first Ferrari of the era turbo. From that moment on and up to the first world championship driver Michael Schumacher in the 2000 season, no rider dressed in red managed to clinch the championship of the World. The 312 T5 was the last of an era, giving rise to the increased drought of the results of the history of the brand, which at that time was already focused exclusively on the Formula 1. The saga 312 T marked the path to follow to the Great Tourism and sports of street of the Italian brand, with the employment of the engines of 12 cylinders flat, in the Berlinetta Boxer and Testarossa, and the boxes of change cross-cutting.