Ferrari 458 Italia against the Nissan GT-R police of Abu Dhabi, who will win? (video)

Smell of gasoline and burnt rubber on the freeway. A Ferrari 458 Italia escapes at full speed and the police of Abu Dhabi strives to reach you. Of course, a Ferrari is too fast to be hit by the latest generation of Police Interceptor Ford, successors of the Crown Victoria. Until one of the machines more effective to pursue the criminals, a Nissan GT-R. It could be a scene from an action movie, and in fact it is fiction, but the reality is that the spend in Abu Dhabi, where they prefer to shoot a scene of action to connect with the people, to choose a community manager ingenious.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are struggling to present to the world the fleet of police of the sports world’s most spectacular, with productions like the one of this false prosecution.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi maintains a certain rivalry with Dubai in respect to wear the fleet of police vehicles more spectacular from the middle East. Maybe that’s why they have edited this video, good production, by the way, in which we show with a style that’s very cinematic to how it would be a chase between a Ferrari 458 Italia and its agents. The scene also includes a little science fiction, in the form of a system of license plate recognition and facial, by way of augmented reality.

The result, at least convincing, don’t you think?

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