Ferrari 458 MM Speciale, a single copy to a lucky guest

Ferrari 458 MM Specialea long time Ago that the Ferrari 458 Italia was replaced by the new Ferrari 488 GTB. Just when we were beginning to forget the last atmospheric V8 comes this Ferrari 458 MM Speciale. It is a unique model, a one-off that has been especially made by order of a fortunate customer. As a basis we take the sporty Ferrari 458 Speciale, that receives modifications above all at the exterior.

This unique specimen has been developed by the Center Stile of Ferrari, who was in charge of transform your body of aluminum by hand. The front and rear bumpers are carbon fiber and sporting a refreshed design. Another detail is the “floating roof” an effect achieved thanks to the A-pillars painted in black color. The body will painted in the color and Bianco Italia and has the Italian flag going through it lengthwise.

Ferrari 458 MM SpecialeGet new air intakes in the sides, that achieve a better cooling of the engine. Behind receives a new rear spoiler and now recalls that of the 488 GTB, thanks to a few new pilots. Another of the unique elements that debuts this 458 MM Speciale are the tires of that specific design. Inside there are no pictures, but apparently receives a leather upholstery ‘Cioccolato’ and some more details.

Although there have not been more data on your engine, it is expected that keep the same that has the 458 Speciale series. It is a aspirated V8 of 4.5 liters, is able to develop nothing less than 605 CV and 540 Nm of torque. With its automatic transmission of double clutch and seven speeds would do the 0-100 km/h in just 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 325 km/h.

Source – Ferrari

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale
Ferrari 458 MM Speciale
Ferrari 458 MM Speciale
Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

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