Ferrari 488 Spider: with you the “convertible” strongest in the history of Ferrari


Ferrari continues to blow turboalimentándose releases. After the Ferrari 488 GTB , the mid-engine sports car – and turbo – Ferrari gets his counterpart, and no less spectacular convertible. The Ferrari 488 Spider come to the street being true to the philosophy that already saw in its predecessor, the 458 Spider. It will preserve a retractable hardtop that aims to strengthen even more sportiness and comfort, a model that stands as the ideal solution for those wanting to open an Italian supercar sky alternative.

The fact: the Ferrari 488 Spider enjoy superior structural rigidity (23%) than its predecessor, the 458 Spider, and similar to own 488 GTB .

We come from Maranello this new Ferrari 488 Spider has been reinforced with a structure based on eleven different aluminum alloys, and the use of other noble metals, such as Magnesium which promise the same structural rigidity than can offer a Ferrari 488 GTB . As if that were not enough, the torsional rigidity of the Ferrari 488 Spider would have improved by 23% compared to that offered by its predecessor.

The retractable hardtop it is based on two overlapping sections that are collected on the engine. The opening and closing process is completed in just 14 seconds . A motor, whether the hood is open, or closed, can no longer be seen through a rear window glass, as in Ferrari 488 GTB .

ferrari-488-spider-2016-05 The rear with its hood open .

ferrari-488-spider-2016-06 The rear with its hood up .

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Its features, once again, of a stroke. The Ferrari 488 Spider also uses the new turbocharged V8 engine, dry sump, with 3,902 cm3 and a power of 670 hp at 8,000 rpm . Ferrari is the most powerful retractable hardtop made to date. Maximum torque is 760 Nm at 3,000 rpm, thanks to a turbo system according Ferrari just shows minimal lag.

One of the aspects that has worked on this Ferrari 488 Spider, and 488 GTB it has been the performance chassis and aerodynamics . Beyond the rear spoiler, the lower shrouds, nozzles, front wheel arches, etc., etc., in the Ferrari 488 Spider has also emphasized reducing turbulence in the cabin when the roof folded circulate.

It will have a small rear window that can be adjusted in three different positions, and we could even open with just closed roof to beat us a tribute, and further enjoy the sound of the V8 engine.


stat:. With its retractable roof, electrical system for opening and closing, and reinforcements in chassis and body, the Ferrari 488 Spider weighs only 50 kg more than the Ferrari 488 GTB

The Ferrari 488 Spider will also enjoy the rest of innovations that we saw in the Ferrari 488 GTB , including Control System sideslip (SSC2) , which by brand , allow the 488 Spider win acceleration (12%) off curves over the old Ferrari 458 Spider.

Given that the hardtop only penalizes its aerodynamics and engineering that is behind it, reducing system complexity in opening and closing, and body reinforcements have been designed to optimize the structural rigidity without penalizing weight, just you look minimally sacrificed their performance with respect to a Ferrari 488 GTB . In fact, the entire set of reinforcements, roof and opening and closing system of this in the Ferrari 488 Spider, only represent an increase of 50 kg on the scale (1,525 kg load) with respect to a Ferrari 488 GTB (1,475 kg load).

So Ferrari 488 Spider will reach over 325 km / h top speed, accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 3.0 seconds , 0 to 200 km / h in 8.7 seconds and will practice the sprint from 0 to 400 meters and from 0 to 1000 meters in 10.55 seconds and 18.9 seconds respectively.


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Finally, a detail more about the Ferrari 488 Spider. Blue body finish is no accident. In fact, the tone chosen to introduce this new product will be released for the 488 Spider. A color to be known as blue electric , or Blue Elettrico , which in Italian always sounds better …

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