Ferrari 550 Maranello WSR: The rarest version of the saga Maranello

Ferrari 550 Maranello WSR, only 33 manufactured.

The 550 Maranello was happening to the iconic saga Testarossa in 1996, recovering the concept of Gran Turismo front motor, interestingly, it resulted in a worse usability compared to its predecessor of the central engine, but rather the opposite, as the Testarossa was suffering from the beginnings of a base problem very serious, the elevated position of your engine.

in spite of counting with a twelve-cylinder plane, which in theory should lower the center of gravity, the brand decided to raise it up, to install under the block transmission, losing all the advantages inherent to this setting and of step ruining the dynamic possibilities of the model.

This is the reason that never see a racing version of the saga Model, in contrast with his predecessors and predecessor. After the launch of the Maranello, Ferrari decided to test the performance of the new model, by registering officially three speed records with the Maranello, managing to cover a distance of 100 miles at an average speed of 304 km/h, 100 miles at an average speed of 306,3 km/h and go through 296 miles an hour.

In total, only came in 4 colors, most gray titanium.

To commemorate these deeds, in Ferrari launched the 550 Maranello WSR – acronyms of World Speed Record – a limited edition which only produced 33 units with the same technical specifications of the unit that had made these marks.

At the mechanistic level there were no differences between the 33 WSR and the rest of the range Maranello conventional, with the V12 maximum power of 5.474 c. c. of 485 HP (480 hp) associated to a manual transmission of 6 relations, which was installed on the rear axle, in the style of trasaxle.

however, they had the pack Fiorano, with exhausts and sports brake calipers Corsa. Inside we find sport seats Daytona clad in leather with racing harnesses, steering wheel lined in Alcantara and curious anti-roll bar, something exclusive to this version, which was covered in the same skin that is the choice for the interior.

In the interior we find a plaque and a curious roll cage.

as for the colors, the majority of the units were delivered in grey Grigio Titanium with the interior in burgundy, however, the unit red that appears in the pictures was delivered in red Rosso Corsa with a black interior.

This will be available in the auction RM Sothebys in the Salon Retromobile Paris, which is held on the month of February, while the unit gray was auctioned recently in england. This last is one of the few that was built with steering wheel to the right, since of the 33 only 10 units were RHD.

As a classic, the 550 Maranello will be considered as one of the last Ferrari’s traditional. Engine V12 atmospheric architecture of front-engine and rear-wheel drive, but above all, manual shifting, with the traditional grid selector change chrome, as a feature of the mark.

More rare even than the rated 550 Barchetta.

versions WSR are the limited edition rarest of the model, which were manufactured 3,000 copies, more rare even than the variant open 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, which were assembled 448 copies plus 13 prototypes. Only 23 WSR steering wheel to the left 10 units RHD are quite a rarity and piece of collection.

Its value has not so far exploited, remains one of those models out of the radar of the collectors. The exemplary color red part with some estimates that place its price between 230,000 and $ 250,000. A price quite high in comparison with the 550 Maranello conventional they rarely grow to $ 100,000 in these events, but still below the prices of the current range of Maranello.


contrary To what you might think, the record attempt was not carried out on a european tour, but american. Specifically on the track of 7.5 miles of the Transportation Research Center, located in near the town of Marysville, in the state of Ohio, when these facilities were still owned by Honda.

Image of the record in the facilities of Honda in Ohio.

The choice of the strange color combination was not casual, grey, and bordeaux, Ferrari tried to prove the ability of customization of the model and extol the virtues and positioning GT 550 Maranello.

The pilots were Dulio Truffo and Csaba Csera. The first was a pilot veteran and editor of Quattroroute, where he was also the chief instructor of the facilities of Autoscuola Quattroroute, Italy. While the second was also a pilot and veteran technical director and editor-in-chief of Car and Driver USED.

Just had a few dozens of people that day on the track, in mid-October 1998, and little more than an hour after the start, the 550 Maranello had managed to beat the brands proposals managing to dodge the biggest problems of this type of initiatives, accidents and mechanical failures.


a Plaque on the inside of each one of the 33.

To this end, both pilots kept the accelerator pedal stepped on to the background in sixth during the tour, to around 6,000 rpm, reaching a consumption figures of around 39 litres/100 kms.