Ferrari 812 Superfast: unveiled the successor to the F12 with 800 HP


The new two-seater V12 Italian.

Ferrari has revealed the first images and basic specifications of the new 812 Superfast, the model that is born to succeed the current F12 Berlinetta and will be officially presented at the Geneva motor show, next march 7.

The new 812 Superfast retrieves the name of 3 figures, and employs a name that the trademark is already used in some of their classic models, such as the 500 Superfast 1964. The meaning of these figures it is easy to guess, 8 for your number of power, 800 CV (789 hp), and 12 for the number of cylinders.

The engine continues to be maximum power, as many probably will be the last of its kind that let us look under the hood of a model from Maranello, without supercharging, or hybrid systems. It is 6.5 liters and you have 800 HP and 718 Nm of torque, his power exceeds even the F12 tdf, 780 CV.


At the back we discovered the double pilots circular.

According to the brand, the new 812 is intended for those customers who want to the Ferrari’s most powerful and exclusive available, at the same time comfortable enough for any type of road trip. The definition of a Gran Turismo, plain and simple, although the brand name you would prefer to avoid naming it.

The benefits are of the first order, the maximum speed disclosed is of 211 miles per hour, or 339.57 km/h. While its acceleration from 0-100 km/h in only 2.9 seconds. As defined by the brand itself, “the 812 Superfast, the most powerful and fast Ferrari in the history of the brand.”

it Features a dual-clutch transmission that offers more speed in the changes, and it is the first Ferrari with electric power steering (EPS) that is calibrated to work in concert with the dynamic controls of the vehicle, including the latest version of the control of lateral slip developed by Ferrari (SCC). It also has Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 (PCV), reducing the times of response dynamics of the vehicle.


His style is perhaps the most controversial part.

His aesthetic derives clearly from the F12 berlinetta, with numerous changes in all panels the model. The nose is now much more aggressive and the optical front is displayed in the form of L, while in the behind we find again the double circular headlights traditional.

has Not been designed by Pininfarina, although this can be find out any fan at a glance. The 812 has been signed by the Ferrari Styling Center, and more than likely need to their ways to a more thorough aerodynamic study.

One of the novelties most curious is the premiere of a new red color, Rosso Settanta, to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the brand in 2017.